GM215 Firmware Update


To update the firmware on the GM215, please download the file below (right click and select "Save target as..."):

GM215 PIC Update Hex File (49KB)


Download the .exe file below and save it on your computer. Please make a note of the file location so you can find it in GeckoMotion during the next step.

DS30 Loader GUI


Once the above file is saved on your computer, please follow the instructions in the guide below:

GM215 DS30 Bootloader Instructions

This file is an “on the fly” file and will be posted on the Geckodrive website. Customers can download this file anytime or when they notice that there is new update available. After downloading this file, the customer can use the GeckoMotion GUI to open DS30 Loader GUI, select this file, and program this file to the GM215 PIC24.

DS30 GUI parameters:

gm215 firmware update gui paramaters screenshot

Timing parameters:

gm215 firmware update timing paramaters screenshot

The user should select the correct file which will be “pic24_update.hex” downloaded from the Geckodrive website.

Turn the DIP SWITCH (1-4) to ON ON ON ON position.

Press the “Write” button in the DS30 Loader, and when the DS30 is searching for the bootloader the user should press (but not hold) the reset button on the GM215 drive. Programming will be handled automatically from that point on.

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