Production Manager

Communicate with shipping department to maintain adequate stock levels of all products and ensure quality control.​

Communicate with returns department to process returns and repairs.​

Initial Production (Panel Form)

-Determine Production Schedule (What drives need to be run in production when according to shipping schedule and stock)

-Run Production (Run Machine, Oven, and Scan Panels)

Final Production (Finished Product)

-Distribute completed panels to assemblers (Either Excel or In House to Arturo)

- Visually inspect panels upon completion by assemblers for quality of work (cold solder joints, unsoldered components, shorts, incorrect components, reverse polarity, etc.​)

-Test all completed drives

-Can drives and distribute to shipping office or stock locker as needed

First Line Quality Control

-Production Manager is responsible for ensuring every single product meets the demand of the manufacturing sample.​

-Segregate all non -compliant material into the “Friday Box”

-Alert management to any possible quality issues immediately

-Give a daily briefing to management regarding production, quality control, and the general state of inventory

General Machine Cleanliness

-Responsible for day to day maintenance and cleanliness of production equipment

Troubleshooting/​ Returns

-Evaluate and diagnose return drives according to return sheet

-Repair return drives according to repair sheet

-Troubleshoot non-conforming material in and fix when possible


-Make sure that inventory levels for all components are adequate for production level requirements via weekly scheduled inventory and daily inventory monitoring.​

-Report component inventory shortages to management

-Make sure that completed product inventory in shipping office and stock is adequate to meet the demands of the day/​week/​month via regular coordination with shipping office.​


Benefits include - Medical Insurance, 401K, 2 Weeks PTO, Flexible Work Environment

PLEASE SEND ALL RESUMES TO [email protected]