Hey, welcome to the new site! We have taken feedback from people visiting our site and have tried to make improvements to take those requests into account. The Geckodrive International Distributors page is now easier to use and find a dealer in your location, the Support page will be completely overhauled so you can access our FAQ and application notes quickly, and the overall look has changed to be slightly easier on the eyes. We have some big announcements over the next few months that will be put up here first.

The blog section will be a way for us to make quick and informal announcements about what we are working on and a place to interface directly with you. We will post what products are currently being developed, interesting applications from some of our awesome customers, and put up a few pictures of what its like at Geckodrive. Some posts will be technical, some less so; keep your eyes peeled for new content, as we will try to post on here often.

Please bear with us while we fix a few things. If you have any requests for features or if you think something should be changed on the website of the blog, please feel free to comment here or shoot us an email from the contact page!

The Gecko Team