contest to win 3 gm215 motors 2015

Meet the GM215.

The GM215 is our newest UL Recognized (file number E344711) motor/motion controller and has been designed from the ground up. Featuring a full motion controller and GeckoMotion software compatibility, it can run up to four axes of coordinated motion off of onboard flash memory. Recommended for use with robotics, manufacturing, filmmaking, aerospace and industrial automation it can free up both budget and space constraints with its low cost and small size. A complimentary copy of our new software, GeckoMotion, is included in every GM215 purchase. Starting at $229.

For more info on the GM215, click here:

Enter the Contest

We want to see how you use your Geckodrives! It's your time to show off! You could win up to 3 of the brand new GM215!


1. Enter by posting a comment on our facebook wall (, or e-mail entries to [email protected], DOUBLE ENTRIES ARE AWARDED TO THOSE WHO POST THEIR ENTRY AS A COMMENT BELOW, ON THIS BLOG POST! (

2. In your entries, write a brief description and include a photo (or even better, a video!) of what they are being used for in your post(s).
3. Be sure to include your full name and e-mail address in your entries! (This is how you will be contacted if you win!)
Three winners will randomly be chosen on March 2nd, 2015 and announced on our blog the following day, March 3rd, 2015. You will be contacted via e-mail if chosen as a winner!
First Place Prize: Geckodrive Gift Bag + 3 GM215's
Second Place Prize: Geckodrive Gift Bag + 2 GM215's
Third Place Prize: 1 GM215

**Select applicants will be featured on our official social media platforms! You must post your entry as a facebook wall post on our wall at, an e-mail to [email protected], or post a comment on the blog post found at If chosen as a winner, you will be contacted via e-mail to redeem your prize. **Winners will be chosen at random. Please enter by 12:00 PM PST March 2nd, 2015. Winners will be announced on our facebook page and our blog the following day, March 3rd, 2015.