Our hobbyist and end-user community is close to our heart as they were the first users to trust in Geckodrive back when we were a fledgling business starting out in our garage in 1999. We have dedicated this section to you. We understand how daunting a retrofit or design from the ground up can be and we try to make it as simple as possible.

Step Motor Basics

Step Motor Basics:

Step Motor Basics, our often cited guide to understanding stepper motors and controllers, is revised and expanded regularly to reflect changes in the industry or to add answers at the request of customers.
Technical Support

Technical Support:

If you ever have a question about your machine, where to start, what you need, or if you are having a problem you can feel free to give us a call. While we may not be able to design your machine for you we can cut through a lot of the more common problems and get you up and running faster. Call our technical support department at (714) 832-8874 or email us at [email protected].
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Application Notes:

Our technical library is written in plain English, with an emphasis on being easily digestible by engineers and novices alike. Application notes are an often overlooked piece of documentation, and we have a library of common questions, circuits, and mistakes that can be avoided on our Support page.


We want machining and machine designs to be as simple and fun as possible, and work every day to help accomplish this goal. Click here for our infographic showing the common items that will make up nearly all end-user machines.
Geckodrive's Youtube

Video Tutorial:

Visit our YouTube channel for tutorials, common troubleshooting questions, drive descriptions and much more.
CNC Zone

CNC Zone

Have a question? We are active on the Geckodrive Forum on CNC Zone as are many other users you can connect with.