G320 Servo Drive

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Please note that this product has been placed on legacy status. This means that it is still manufactured but is not recommended for newer designs.
The G320 was Geckodrive's first servo drive and has proven to be a workhorse capable of being used in any application in any environment. It has since been succeeded by the G320X, which adds many more features and uses newer technology.

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Please note: The G320 is a legacy product and not recommended for new designs. It is still manufactured for existing applications and replacements.

The G320X is the latest revision of this drive.

More Information
Native Resolution Encoder sets resolution
Power Rating 80VDC, 20A maximum
PWM Frequency 20kHz
Encoder Information Quadrature square wave, 5V <50mA
Motor Control Type Servo
Metal Treatment Black Anodizing
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